Lounge Chair by Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs

Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs Illustrates The Ksd-1 Lounge Chair

Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs, the author of the awarded work Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs's ksd-1 Lounge Chair illustrates, KSD-1 is a modern classic lounge chair whose design was based on vintage racecars. The composition is bui <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Bag by Yun Hsin Lee

Yun Hsin Lee Presents The Collectote Multifunctional Bag

Yun Hsin Lee, the author of the award winning work Collectote - Multifunctional Bag by Yun Hsin Lee explicates, Collectote is a 3-in-1 bag that allows you to organize everything. Separate your large messenger bag, while carrying your essentials in a <Cropped>

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Design Annual 2015

Graphis Design Annual 2015 Features The Most Visually Compelling Design Work of The Year, Selected From International Entries. Any Professional Is Eligible to Enter.the Deadline to Submit Entries to The Design Annual 2015 Competition Is April 15, 2014 At

Graphis design annual 2015 features the most visually compelling design work of the year, selected from international entries. any professional is eligible to enter.The deadline to submit entries to the design annual 2015 competition is april 15, 201 <Cropped>

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Award Winning Osteoid Medical Cast, Attachable Bone Stimulator

Deniz Karasahin Shows The Osteoid Medical Cast, Attachable Bone Stimulator

Deniz Karasahin, the designer of the awarded project Medical cast, attachable bone stimulator by Deniz Karasahin illustrates, The goal of this project is to improve the overall healing experience for broken or fractured limbs by focusing on the patie <Cropped>

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Edna Frozen Vegetables-Frozen Vegetables Packaging Design Range by Alexandru Patru

Alexandru Patru Exhibits The Edna Frozen Vegetables Frozen Vegetables Packaging Design Range

Alexandru Patru, the project leader of the displayed design Edna Frozen Vegetables by Alexandru Patru says, After conducting a brand audit, we have realized that the name “Edna” has no meaning to the consumer and that the packaging is missing pe <Cropped>

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Award Winning Odyssey Jewelry

Thomas Mrokon Designs The Odyssey Jewelry

Thomas Mrokon, the project leader of the awarded work jewelry:odyssey by Thomas Mrokon illustrates, The basic idea involves covering voluminous, geometric shapes with a patterned skin. From this there evolves an interplay of clarity and distortion, t <Cropped>

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Cobra-Lighting by Stefania Vola

Stefania Vola Presents The Cobra Lighting

Stefania Vola, the thinktank behind the displayed work Cobra by Stefania Vola spells out, A simple Möbius strip (topological figure non-orientable) shaped in such a way as to evoke the figure of a cobra. Carbon fiber black or white and LED lighting <Cropped>

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Illy City Mug

Illy Launches The Illy City Mug Casting Through Desall.com, Looking For Graphical Proposals For An Exclusive Line of Mugs by Illy Dedicated to Six World-famous Cities: Rome, Milan, Paris, London, San Francisco and Hong Kong

Illy launches the illy city mug casting through desall.com, looking for graphical proposals for an exclusive line of mugs by illy dedicated to six world-famous cities: rome, milan, paris, london, san francisco and hong kong..

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Ketan Jawdekar's Wah Marathi Restaurant and Bar

Ketan Jawdekar Shows The Wah Marathi Restaurant and Bar

Ketan Jawdekar, the thinktank behind the award winning project Award Winning Wah Marathi Restaurant And Bar illustrates, Simplicity is the key for this boutique Restaurant. It plays with an earthy look while a dash of bold colors in the form of tradi <Cropped>

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Modular Lighting Fixture:eterna by Sevin Coskun

Sevin Coskun Designs The Eterna Modular Lighting Fixture

Sevin Coskun, the designer of the awarded design Sevin Coskun's Eterna Modular Lighting Fixture says, “ETERNA” is a modular recessed lighting fixture designed for suspended ceilings. The philosophy of design is to create an innovative, comfo <Cropped>

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