Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Solutions Creates The Essence Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Solutions, the creative mind behind the award winning design Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Solutions explicates, Essence is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art. Ranging from 8 to 14 feet (2.4 to 4.3 meters) in diameter, Essence <Cropped>

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Off The Wall-Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelf

Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelfmabele, Brand of The Italian Ma-bo, Is Looking For Original Solutions For Metal Bookshelves That Might Be Hung On The Walls Just Like Pictures. The Proposals Should Be Able to Adorn An Empty Wall Characte

Design contest for a new furnishing metal bookshelfMabele, brand of the italian ma-bo, is looking for original solutions for metal bookshelves that might be hung on the walls just like pictures. the proposals should be able to adorn an empty wall cha <Cropped>

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Satellite-Grater by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Reveals The Satellite Grater

Hakan Gürsu, the thinktank behind the awarded design Satellite - Grater by Hakan Gürsu demonstrates, Satellite is an all-in-one grater with multiple knives stored inside. Through its expanding form, it opens up and enables grating and shredding dir <Cropped>

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Don Lin Shide's Chua Chu Kang House Interior Space

Don Lin Shide Spotlights The Chua Chu Kang House Interior Space

Don Lin Shide, the architect of the awarded project Chua chu kang house by Don Lin Shide spells out, The acupuncture point in this house was to connect the enclosed area into a brand new visual of quietness. By doing these, certain historic and raw c <Cropped>

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Residential Apartment by Regina Kwok

Regina Kwok Reveals The Hatton Place Residential Apartment

Regina Kwok, the architect of the awarded work Regina Kwok's Hatton Place Residential Apartment says, The contrast between the lush Lung Fu Mountain at the apartment’s backside, and the front view of Hong Kong’s high-rises inspired the desi <Cropped>

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Silver Wave

Find New Interesting Application For The Greggio Pure Silver Foils.silver Wave Greggio, Benchmark Company in The Silver World, Is Now Looking For New Applications For Its Technology and Know-hows Based On The Production and Working of Pure Silver Foils A

Find new interesting application for the greggio pure silver foils.Silver wave greggio, benchmark company in the silver world, is now looking for new applications for its technology and know-hows based on the production and working of pure silver fo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Circus Pendant Diamond Pendant

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Shows The Circus Pendant Diamond Pendant

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the designer of the highlighted work Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi's Circus Pendant Diamond Pendant explains, This is a Diamond Pendant design with an acrobatic male dancer who is hanging on the rope of necklace and holding <Cropped>

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Biyopsi by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Shows The Biyopsi Biopsy Device

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the awarded work Biopsy Device by Hakan Gürsu explicates, Designed to take samples from soft tissue, biopsy instrument stands out among present devices with its distinctive features. Mechanism is being run in a cartridge <Cropped>

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1967-bar Lounge by Glamorous Co., Ltd

Glamorous Co., Ltd. Reveals The 1967 Bar Lounge

GLAMOROUS co.,ltd., the creator of the awarded design 1967 - Bar lounge by GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. demonstrates, The lounge cafe "1967" opened at the foot of the Imoarai slope across from Roppongi Hills. 1967 was named after 3 guys who worked fo <Cropped>

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Childline 'childhood Memory' Tee Design Competition

Fishing With Dad? Building Your Very Own Sandcastle? Design a T-shirt That Best Encapsulates Your Fondest Childhood Memory. This Is Open to Interpretation, So Feel Free to Design and Illustrate Whatever It Is That You Feel Represents Your Memory.fishing W

Fishing with dad? building your very own sandcastle? design a t-shirt that best encapsulates your fondest childhood memory. this is open to interpretation, so feel free to design and illustrate whatever it is that you feel represents your memory.Fish <Cropped>

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